Accupunch Kit - Bako Pathology Services

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Accupunch Kit - Bako Pathology Services Podiatric Pathology Services At Bako Pathology Servic...
Accupunch Kit - Bako Pathology Services Podiatric Pathology Services At Bako Pathology Services we offer a full spectrum of anatomic pathology testing with specialization in dermatopathology, bone pathology, and pathology of the soft tissue. We pride ourselves on working overtime to see that our reports are not only concise, but also offer clinicians information that will help them optimize their practices efficiency. We know that clinicians expect pathology reports to provide them with pertinent documentation and whether reviewing a skin biopsy, a hemiphalangectomy, or a neuroma excision, we take that obligation seriously. Here is more of what we offer: - 12-24 hour in-house turn-around time - Internet-based reporting - Digital photomicrographic imaging - Overnight shipping option - Podiatry dedicated customer service team - Compliant patient-friendly billing policies - Only board-certified dermatopathologists - Pathologist available for consultation 7am-7pm est. Testimonials: It is refreshing to be working with Bako Pathology, a lab that is dedicated to podiatric pathology. It does not stop there. They are strongly dedicated to promoting our profession through education, research and financial support. It's a delight to see internet-based reporting and 24 hour turn-around time. Their web site is user friendly and easy to order supplies. The reports are detail-oriented, with therapeutic options and literature references. It is supplemented with excellent digital photomicrographic imaging. Keep up the great work... Allen Lazerson, DPM Past president GPMA Bako Podiatric Pathology Services should be your first choice for all your pathology needs because Bako provides state of the art facilities and exceptional and responsive client services. Even more important, Brad Bakotic, DPM, DO is the only DPM in the world who is certified in anatomic pathology and dermatopathology. This matters to you and your patients. Bryan C. Markinson, DPM New York, NY The easiest part of switching to Bako Podiatric Pathology Services was knowing that customer service for the Doctor and the Patient is a top priority. The Dermatopathologists are knowledgeable and friendly and the support staff always seems eager to help. Reports are timely and clinically helpful. Even though Bako is a new Pathology Lab, they have demonstrated an unequaled level of dedication to the Podiatric profession. Bob Warkala, DPM Sewell, NJ The doctors and staff in our office loves to work with Bako Podiatric Pathology Services. They make it simple for staff to send them specimens, their reports look great, are descriptive and easy to read. We have found the Pathologists to be above the curve with their acute diagnosis and most impressive is their willingness and availability to always get on the phone to discuss a case. Hal Ornstein, DPM, FAPWCA Managing Partner Affiliated Foot and Ankle Center, LLP Howell, New Jersey I use Bako Podiatric Pathology Services not only because the results are accurate, detailed, and timely, but also because Drs. Bakotic and Hackel are approachable and always willing to go the extra mile to help me to accurately diagnose both complicated and everyday skin conditions. They are always just a phone call or email away. Their availability helps facilitate a quick diagnosis and treatment plan so that my patients get better faster. Chad Webster, DPM Memphis, TN From beginning, to receiving my pathology results, my experience with Bako Podiatric Pathology Services has always been convenient, quick and seamless. Punch, shave or clip, drop the specimen in the jar and youre done. Return reporting is quick, fax copies of the results are sent followed by a hard copy in the mail. Recently, I have been accessing my reports on their web portal. The reports are clear and to the point. Suggested treatment plans based on podiatric outcomes accompany the diagnosis. A very clear photograph of the histological slide is included on the report as well. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if you have any questions regarding the results or the condition the doctors at Bako are always available. Personal service, rapid response time, easy to use I feel that the doctors and staff at Bako are part of our office family. Bruce Lashley, DPM New York, NY Visit our website: *******www.bakopathology****