Sexy - Mechanic Annie - Linden Hudson - Indie Music [18+]

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Uploaded on March 14, 2010 by linden

Indie music. This song is titled "Mechanic Annie" by Linden Hudson (recorded year 2000). The song is available on Itunes and most other major mp3 download services. All vocals and instruments performed by Linden Hudson (of Texas). Recording engineered by Linden. The sexy girl in the video is from Houston, Texas. Video shot in Austin, Columbus (Texas), Sugar Land (Texas) and Northern Louisiana.
The song "Mechanic Annie" is on an album titled: "A Meat Music Sequel". The album may be listed under Linden Hudson or Glory (also Linden Hudson). Linden Hudson recordings are only authorized for sale on the label LINDEN HUDSON MEDIA. Any other label selling Linden's recordings is BOOTLEG and is ILLEGAL. Recently (Feb 2010) a bootlegger offered Linden Hudson 50% of LINDEN'S OWN SALES when Linden confronted the bootlegger by email. Can you believe that? It's true. Musicians have enough trouble paying the bills without those people around.
Linden Hudson once wrote a song on the ZZ Top "Eliminator" album. The song was titled "Thug". Then Linden spent five years sueing ZZ for his money. The music business sucks sometimes.
musique indépendante. Cette chanson est intitulée «Mécanicien Annie" par Linden Hudson (année a enregistré 2000). La chanson est disponible sur iTunes et la plupart des autres grands services de téléchargement de mp3. Toutes les voix et les instruments effectué par Linden Hudson (du Texas). Enregistrement conçu par Linden. La jeune fille sexy dans la vidéo est de Houston, au Texas. Vidéo tournée à Austin, Columbus (Texas), Sugar Land (Texas) et du Nord de la Louisiane.

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