MADDEN NFL 10 Gameplay

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Uploaded on March 14, 2010 by maddenNFL10_gam... Madden NFL 10 is my favourite sports game on the Xbox. Available on other consoles - PSP, Nintendo Wii etc. The makers have done a great job with the new features.

The MADDEN 10 PRO-TAK allows up to nine players to be involved in tackles & you can steer tackles too. The Madden 10 Franchise Mode is an improved offseason signing logic & draft logic built into the game. Online Co-op is my favourite feature. For the first time in Madden NFL franchise history, players can team up with a friend online and do battle. Online stuff is something the PS3 doesnt do so its not as good as Xbox in that respect.

A fair few people dont like the game much but I play Madden 10 a lot. You can apply for a free copy on any games platform from

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