How To Create Wealth With Gold And Silver Coins?

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Uploaded on March 15, 2010 by austinbob
We at Numis Network have pioneered a new category in the network marketing industry. How? By promoting tangible assets...silver and gold mint state coins. No one can ever have enough silver and gold especially in today's economy.

Tangible assets such as silver and gold coins are easily understood by the marketplace and do not require selling unlike consumable products such as lotions,potions and pills that ultimately collect dust in the garage.

Our paper money is losing value as this video uploads and as Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad says it's time to COLLECT ASSETS as opposed to STUFF.

For additional information and how to partner with Robert Hirsch a full time Numis Network business owner visit:

I can be reached at 512-652-8362 . My phone has been ringing off the hook so...if you get voice mail please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP

Remember together we will collect, create and accumulate wealth.

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