IBM Business Solutions: New Intelligence on a Smarter Planet


Uploaded on March 17, 2010 by ExploreIBMCsuite Researchers at IBM analyze data to produce competitive insights that help make more informed business decisions.

VO: Digital information. It’s growing at an unprecedented rate. Nearly 15 petabytes of data are created every year. That’s eight times the amount of information held in all the libraries in the U.S. And as our planet becomes more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent, this flood of information will continue.
So how do we make sense of it all? IBM is helping CIOs gain control of their data…and turn it into not just organized information, but actionable intelligence. IBM has 4,000 Business Analytics consultants and 450 researchers and mathematicians dedicated to identifying trends, patterns and anomalies that help CIOs make smarter, more informed business decisions.

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