The Truth About

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Uploaded on March 18, 2010 by yourbeingrecorded for years has been the main source for online sexual predators/cappers to upload thier videos of underage girls but now they seem to be taking action...or are they?

Screen Shots:(used tinyurl cause links were too big)
Displaying their "CP" board

Message on the AnonIB homepage warning about underage content

Thread started by AnonIB Mod encouraging others to share their caps

The CamWins Profile of an AnonIB Admin

A reverse look up of AnonIB showing they also own

The Stickam profile of an AnonIB Mod

Set of rules Chair has on all boards he moderates

#8 & #9
Images showing AnonIB Mod "Chair" that he is very active

Thread where Chair bans a user for not posting a video

Thread where Chair bans a user just to be funny

Chair bans this user for speaking the truth

Chair request more pics from a user

Chair allows this user to post obvious child pornography after making a post in the same thread

AnonIB mods encouraging other cappers

Large thread on AnonIB involving almost every mod making posts and replies while hundreds of underage videos are being shared even by some mods

So does AnonIB really care about underage content being posted on the site?No,it's simply just a lie to avoid the site getting in trouble

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