Sniffing the Rainforest

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Uploaded on March 18, 2010 by loveofpeace

Synopsis of the Documentary: Per square kilometre, Colombia is the most
bio-diverse country. However, a significant threat is putting its ecological
wealth at risk: cocaine. Four square kilometres of jungle are slashed and burnt
to produce a gram of street cocaine. This is the story of how it happens and
what is at stake. Q&A with HE Francisco Santos Calderon the Vice-President
of Colombia.
I see this Documentary and I really feel their pains and I understand very well people need to survives. But I don't understand, Why the Colombia government let this planes come to their own country dropping poisons to their lands? I don't see in anyway this will stop the drug traffickers! I see and we all know this poisons is killing colombian, plants and animals. Why don't the Colombia government stand up and say. If your country don't have such a hungry market than there will no production for any market for them to sales. instead of blaming yourselves. Bad and look bad!!!! Let me tell you none of you are bad and must Stop blaming yourselves. Reality is the New World temptation.

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