Mortar Mixer / Miscelatrice Di Malta / Mortel Menger - P120


Uploaded on March 21, 2010 by Edilizia Italiana

-The P120 MIXER, as its name suggest, has a full 120-litre capacity and is available in 220V and 400V.
-It can be easily cleaned, a feature that makes it essential for any work involving thixotropics or other materials used for refurbishment such as grout or Tops.
-This mixer can safely be used for mixing products ranging from traditional or mixed mortars to those in the top of the range or with a composition that requires more careful mixing.
-120 litre drum (large capacity for mixing homogenous amounts).
-Water can be added by means of an easy-to-use valve on the barrel itself.
-Grill lid on the top, with an automatic stop switch, as well as a safe gap between the mixing blades and the operator's fingers or hands.


- Jos S. Romero
- Direct: 0034630747722
- Office/Fax: 0034966712730
- Skype: jos-s-romero

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