X-rated Street Dancers!!!!! [18+]

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Uploaded on February 22, 2007 by Le Falcon

As promised Siam Girl gets hotter as the night goes on stay tuned for the midnight burn out between Siam Girl and China Girl - here we see Siam Girl becoming more erotic and letting loose - never before has any class modern exotic erotica been seen on any channel

A world first brought to you yet again on Metacafe once we get to the finale Le Falcon will take you for a sneak peak at the Bangkok fetish clubs for the most sensual mindblowing sexy coyote dancing including Bangkok's infamous coyote pirates - media to redefine the standards of Erotic Entertainement - this is NOT pornography - it is Retro Erotica aka Glam or Tantalizing Takes.

Do you think the censors were a bit harsh giving this an 18+ rating? It is definately arousing but there is no nudity whatsoever.

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