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Uploaded on March 23, 2010 by germanpod101


You are enjoying what was a quiet picnic lunch in a quiet German park, when suddenly, your children come barreling towards you screaming!
Your son yells in italian, "Mom, mom!!! We were at the pond and we saw something moving in the water!!" His friend, equally excited, continues in italian, "Come see, come see!! Pleeeease! What IS it?"
As you reach the edge of the water, both boys are tugging at you and screaming in german, "See it? There it is!! What is that???" You point to the little swimmer in the water and tell the boys in german, "That is a frog…and that one there, that is a newt." The boys stare into the water with a newfound fascination; you can almost hear the wheels spinning in their heads, when they turn and look at you and both reply in german, "Can we keep him, can we keep him? PLEEEEEAAAASE???" Well, germanpod101.com can't prepare you for everything, you know?


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