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Uploaded on March 24, 2010 by monica tikva

Google search is now the preferred Internet browsing engine around the world, and with good reason. It's fast and it returns many related search results. But like with any internet browser searches can become very time consuming and sometimes return unrelated and inaccurate results. There are lots of tricks professional researchers use to get around this problem that you could apply yourself, but why not eliminate all of this hassle by using GMarker? GMarker is a small add-on that improves your search results by highlighting the top relevant results directly on the browser page according to users much like yourself. This means that you are no longer wasting time clicking through hundreds of links or using multiple search engines to perform just one search.

GMarker does all of the work for you by collecting feedback from previous users on which search results worked best for them and offers them to you quickly and easily. GMarker is an add-on that was created for Google and Firefox and its completely free of charge. In no way will GMarker slow down your search or alter you results after the search is performed. There are no sponsored links, annoying advertisements or inaccurate and useless results. GMarker works silently in the background while you browse the web and the only thing you ever come to see of it are the highlighted results you need and want.

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