Thai Tango Vs China Chick?!!!!!

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Uploaded on February 24, 2007 by Le Falcon

Warm up for the final showdown in the latest amazing sport to rock Bangkok Automobile Aerobics - you can judge once their solo erotic pieces are uploaded

China Girl is the chick in the foreground and Siam Girl is the chick in the background

Place your bets now and watch the coyote finals here on Metacafe - guaranteed to be hotter than hot!!!

Erotic Streetside Coyote Contests are often held outside the IT Mall Laksi Plaza Bangkok Thailand

Dont forget to vote if you enjoyed this video! Muff magic and amazing arse in this big bonanza of killer dancers shaking it like it has never been shaken before.

sexier yet more civilised beyond your wildest dreams

Super Sexy 5 star China Chick online Metacafe - see it here:

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