(TVI Express) Is TVI Express A Scam Or No Scam? (TVI Express ...

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*******www.DreamstyleVacationsUSA**** ..// Some have had a wild ride with Travel Ventures International (...
*******www.DreamstyleVacationsUSA**** ..// Some have had a wild ride with Travel Ventures International (TVI Express) and while a few got refunds, most did not. While most USA leaders have left a few remain and the skeleton of a so-called business opportunity remains. Rumors say TVI Express collects money through a bank account in Cyprus and funnels the funds to India. The rumor that they once had an office in London UK is still not verified. Some reported that TVI May have shared a mail drop there with others. Others claim UK regulators were closing in on TVI Express and they left in a hurry. The truth is that there are some red flags. In fact the red flags surrounding what some are calling the TVI Express travel scam are those huge ones that can be spotted from miles away. TVI Express is one among many so-called business opportunites without what most in the industry could identify as a real product. Those who pay money to join TVI Express will get a travel voucher that those in the know can get for free, access to a forum, other travel promotions that will probably be more TVI Express travel vouchers that could be aquired at no cost. For those in the know, TVI Express is using travel vouchers similar to those used in the old Coastal Vacations program. In an effort to dodge the legal problems Coastal ran into, TVI Express located their offices and money outside the United States. That may be a good move for them, but is it good for the people TVI Express owes money to? TVI Express has cleverly tied the free travel vouchers to a slick money game type compensation plan. Many around the world have admitted that the TVI Express board game has pyramid scheme written all over it. It's a slick revamp of the pyramid with TVI Express exchanging some sort of product that costs them nothing to make it all somehow look like it's almost legal and almost a business. OK, so to start out, the TVI Express travel product is not worth $250 or even $100 for that matter. What are the other red flags? The compensation plan should be another red flag for those looking at TVI Express. Not that the pay plan is illegal in some way, it's just that the way reps present the TVI comp plan has hype written all over it and that in itself is another red flag. TVI Express had great timeing. They brought the program to the U S at a time when a legitimate travel program called Global Resorts Network had hit a wall and was experiencing slow sales. GRN (Global Resorts Network) sells a travel membership from Gold Crown Resort for about $3000. Sales have been slow with Global Resorts Network for some time. The Gold Crown Resort program seems best suited to those living outside the United States. GRN has faced strong competition from U S based competition that offers access to more resorts and more travel at a lower cost. Global Resorts Network leaders were hungry for any way they might be able to generate an income since it was no longer coming from trying to push the Gold Crown Resort memberships supplied by Global Resorts Network. Funky compensation plan and red flags or not, many made the leap to TVI Express hoping to turn a quick profit. Where is TVI Express located and who is behind the travel program? For a legitimate company this information would not be mysterious, but for TVI Express it is. Hoist another red flag for the folks at TVI Express. Where do the people behind TVI Express live? Reports say they are residents of California USA. If this is the case, these people have gone a long way to stay under the radar by starting this company in Lonfon UK before taking it on the road to either India or Cyprus. One report says that the owners of TVI Express are Rahul Kaurana and Anita Khurana of Danville California. The report pointed to a website that operates computer camps for children during summer vacation. The story behind TVI Express reads like a mystery that has not been fully solved. Are beople getting paid in money or just vouchers? Are people getting paid at all? Is this all just a big ...