Maxs Humber Audition


Uploaded on March 28, 2010 by maxomilian

Hi. My name is Max Castellanos and this my audition to Humber intro to jazz.
I just wanted to apologize for the poor opening statement and camera angle, this was my first ever recording and im not too tech savy. Anyway, Humber has always been my school of choice for persuing a career in music. From what ive seen and heard, Humber offers the most advanced jazz performance program in all of Canada. In addition to having an amazing staff and a vast amount of musicians ,Humber also offers a very welcoming atmosphere and having been there a few times; kind of feels like home.
During my years in high school ,I've performed annually at Sounds of Toronto playing in around 4 different ensembles all different instruments. I've also played at Toronto Centre For The Arts as well as being the only music student to ever attend OELC(Music and leadership centre) 2008. I have also played in the MMVAs 2008 alongside "The Used" in a string quartet.
As a guitarist I've played annually during the school arts night as well as several breakfasts and banquets . Over the years ive played anything from classical,bluegrass, to blues and fusion. Basically anything that catches my ear.:)

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