InuYasha & Kagome- A Twist Of Fate

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Uploaded on March 03, 2007 by Aboleene

PLEASE COMMENT! ITS MY FIRST AMV! Inuyasha, a half demon was tricked into believing he was betrayed by his first love, Kikyou. In a wicked twist of fate, Kikyou dies, and a girl named Kagome finds InuYahsa years later and releases him from Kikyou's spell which binds him to a tree. InuYasha and Kagome can fall in love, But can Inuyasha ever forget about Kikyou? Now that she has been brought back to life and wishes for InuYahsa to die with her so they may live together in the spirit world... Kagome is caught in the middle of a twisted and sad love story... This video helps to put it all together for you. I hope you like it, its my first one, and it took days to figure out how to do it! Let me know what you think...

I dont own the rights to the music or clips from the tv show. Strictly fan based.

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