Best Lottery Systems – Pick 3 Systems – Pick 4 Systems

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*******www.howtowinpick3lotterystrategies**** – Best Lottery Systems – Pick 3 Systems – Pick 4 Systems. My...
*******www.howtowinpick3lotterystrategies**** – Best Lottery Systems – Pick 3 Systems – Pick 4 Systems. My name is Robert Walsh and I have developed both a Pick 3 System and a Pick 4 System. I'm not here today to talk about my Lottery Systems. I want to talk to you about the choice you make in purchasing a Pick 3 System or Pick 4 System. The subject is quality and quantity. Do you get your money's worth? The prices for Pick 3 and Pick 4 Systems I have seen on the internet range from $9.95 to $97 and up. First, there is the question of quality. What kind of System do you want? You cannot walk into a Volkswagen dealer and pay for a Mercedes. And, you cannot get a Mercedes for the price of a Volkswagen. Therefore, content and quality of the System are of utmost importance. My Pick 4 System is priced at $47. There are other Systems available for the same price of $47. But do they have the same content? I offer 20-plus Pick 4 Strategies and my System is over 150 pages. Each Strategy is followed by examples which can be verified with the States' Lotteries. With my System every number is a potential winner. No numbers are eliminated. For the same $47 you might choose another System. But this System is different. It has one Strategy and maybe 10, 12, or 15 pages. Are you getting the big bang for your buck? Are the two Systems the same? I usually don't talk about price. Because price to me is a mute point. Every Lottery System, Pick 3 or Pick 4, brings a potential value to the customer. The potential value is winning, and I mean winning money. So, whatever you pay for the System is a mute point after your FIRST Win and particularly after your first STRAIGHT Win. Whichever System you choose is up to you. You have to decide which Lottery Systems, Pick 3 and Pick 4, give you the quality you pay for. Which ones are the best Lottery Systems for you? For more information visit.... www.howtowinpick3lotterystrategies**** www.playdailypick4bigmegacashwinningnumbers****