Traders Unscripted: Market Timer Fari Hamzei in "Meet the Mas...

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*******marketheist**** - Exclusive interview conversation with market timer Fari Hamzei, Founder of HamzeiA...
*******marketheist**** - Exclusive interview conversation with market timer Fari Hamzei, Founder of HamzeiAnalytics**** and author of "Master Traders". Mr. Hamzei's work and frequent educational webinars can be found at *******hamzeianalytics**** and his blog *******hamzeianalytics**** In this exclusive interview miniseries, Fari Hamzei discloses valuable wisdom and experiences though 20+ years of involvement in the markets trading stocks, options, and futures. Sharing in an honest and humble manner, Fari talks about his own tough journey and many others he's seen succeed and fail. Fari explains the changes over time within yourself and your understanding of the markets, and the need to survive in the markets in order to succeed. Part 1: Fari talks about the vision of the Three Gurus events shared amongst him, Larry McMillan, and Price Headley. The motivation of providing affordable quality education, put together with the best minds and experience in the industry. Now that the markets are global and much more complex, the Three Gurus events incorporate the current market conditions. This latest Three Gurus event on March 3rd, 2010, will again again focus on derivatives, but also enhanced by other facets of the markets such as sentiment and intermarket analysis to form a complete picture of market conditions. Part 2: Failure & Success Part 3: On Quant Trading Part 4: Trading Size - Follow Fari on twitter: hamzeianalytics - Website: *******www.hamzeianalytics**** - Follow us on twitter: marketHEIST - Follow host Jeffrey Lin on twitter: JeffreyLin