Naked Bedroom Yoga: Adrenal Support [18+]

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Uploaded on April 03, 2010 by Naked Yoga
(All Levels) Supported forward bends can be used as a menstrual cycle sequence for women and can help restore a depleted nervous system for both men and women. Although they are categorized as forward bends, they are really forward folds - you fold at your hips, rather than bend your spine. Forward folds relieve over-worked adrenal glands by softening the kidney area. Supporting the forehead and putting direct pressure on the vagus nerve referral points above the eyebrows initiates the parasympathetic nervous system relaxation response. In this video you will learn the following asanas: Janu Sirsasana (Head of the Knee Forward Bend), Paschimottanasana (Westward forward Bend) and Upavista Konasana (Straddle Forward Bend).

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