MM138: IPad Review, HP Slate, Unvarnished, IPhone 4.0 Release

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Uploaded on April 06, 2010 by jeffmccord

The Moxie Mo Show gives you a special sneak peek of the Apple iPad that arrived this past Saturday, thanks to a big fan of our show, Dave Peterson. Speaking of Apple, they released a press release stating they will be unveiling the new iPhone 4.0OS this Thursday, April 8 - so what can we expect, we will keep you updated! Also, there's a very controversial site that has everyone talking from geek podcasts to the Today Show - allows anonymous users to rate YOUR reputation without any policing which may cause employers to not want to hire you. We show you why this is so controversial and what to expect from the site when it launches out of private beta. Last but not least, the HP Slate unveiled a new video showing off its glorious design and all the things that come with it, that the iPad does not have. Question remains: is this truly an iPad killer or just another "tablet" that "over delivers." What are your thoughts? Help support the show with our NEW SPONSOR, Petco! If you own a pet, Petco has everything and anything you will need for your beloved pet - and all you need to do is use one of our two promo codes: MOXIE or MOXIE10 to save 10% off any order. For more information on Petco and our discounts, please click here. Make sure you also follow the Moxie Mo on Twitter as well as join our Moxie Mo Show Facebook fan page! As always, you can download our free Moxie Mo Show iPhone/iPod Touch app by clicking here so you'll always be up to date with the Moxie Mo Show!

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