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Uploaded on April 08, 2010 by Daymarr

Tales of Fantasy, the latest game to join IGG's growing stable of MMOs, is proud to announce that its Closed Beta will be available in the month of April! When the day finally arrives, we're sure that you'll be amazed by all the improvements we made after the Alpha Test - with your help!

This CB version of Tales of Fantasy will be the same version that was used in the Alpha Test, but with new maps, and new instances highlighting a host of new features! Specifically, we recommend players check out the remarkable Level 40 Instance, The Lone Knight! This new instance consists of 5 different stages, each protected by a particular BOSS - with both wit and brawn required to pass each stage! Witness the grandeur of ancient battlefields, coupled with intense, realistic combat!

With the release of Closed Beta, the highly anticipated Horse Racing event will also becomes available; and we've got some good news - there is no level limit! Apart from the obvious joy and adrenaline rush from pitting oneself against others in a horse race, the rewards are equally enticing - titles and fabulous rewards await the winners of this special event, not to mention the fame that comes with being announced the winner in the World Channel!
Apart from the instance mentioned above, Level 30 and 35 instances will also be released - so stay tuned for all the exciting content coming in the Closed Beta!

For more information and the latest news on Tales of Fantasy, please visit the official website at http://tof.igg.com/main.php , or visit the forums at forum http://forum.tof.igg.com/

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