Bollinger Bands Vs. Keltner Channels Vs. Momentum Bands


Uploaded on April 11, 2010 by accendotraders - Effective Video Technical Analysis Trading Plans Delivered Daily from - This is the final video production in our three part series on how to use Channels - both straight line and standard deviation - for buy and sell signals. In this video, we pull up some futures charts and compare the signals given by Bollinger Bands, Keltner Bands and Momentum Bands. We discuss overbought and oversold levels. How each measure the volatility of a stock and then share how each can be used as breakout signals for long and short trades. Finally, we share a technique shared by Dean Malone on how to use two 5 simple moving averages to create price action bands for comparison against Dave Elliot's Momentum Bands (MOBO).

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