Hurricane Katrina ((( Slidell, LA (St. Tammany Parish) P-2

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<b> By: Ian J. Hickin <a rel

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""></a> </b> According to maps, the storm's eye passed directly over Picayune, MS, less the 20 miles away from Slidell. Most of the old fishing camps that lined the lakefront north and south of I-10 were all but erased, with only the wood pilings remaining. Reports are that there were around 1,000 dead fish in the city streets following the storm. The town had a population of approximately 25,000 pre-storm, post storm numbers are still not available. This video shows more of the "missing" lake front homes. Of special note, I was surprised at the thousands of life preservers and ski vests that were hanging in the trees. It is presumed that these floated from destroyed boats and became entangled in the trees because of the straps that are on all life preservers. We observed many life vests more than 20' high hanging in the trees. Again please excuse the crudeness of this video as the roads were a mess. Credit: Robert Blowers
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