The Bridges Of Katrina, Hurricane Katrina, Aftermath

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Uploaded on May 21, 2007 by hurricaneian

<b> By: Ian J. Hickin <a rel

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""></a> </b> It starts on Interstate 10 where large boats and barges have struck the bridge so hard that the spans are moved more than 4 feet. The South span (East Bound) was badly damaged as it was bombarded during the storm. The other span is fine as the first took all of the punishment. This mess caused us to wait in line for hours to cross the single span. The second half is views off of bridges in the area between Biloxi and Slidell. It shows several marinas where the boats are piled up and the building are stripped below 10 feet. This is our 8th installment and we have many more on the way. Check out our Youtube Channel and Our Homepage Providing Real Time Weather and Data.
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