Worldwide Laser Fiber Laser Marking Metal LP9020F


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Laser marking metal
The LP9000 series of Co2 lasers manufactured by Worldwide Laser are perfect for laser marking metal and laser etching metal surfaces.
The LP9000 series of YAG Lasers, Fiber lasers, and UV laser marking systems can be coupled with galvo laser heads and final focus lens providing a laser marking or laser cutting surface from 2.5” square to 9.8” square – in this configuration the laser etching of metal surfaces is accomplished without any movement of the laser head or the product. Laser marking of metal surfaces can be either a surface mark or an etched [engraved] marking in the metal any of these laser marked options can be created by changing the laser controller software settings for frequency and power
Shown below are pictures of laser marked metal tools, the laser marking provides non-removable identification on key areas of the tool, no inks, chemical, solvents, laser marking systems are environmentally friendly green manufacturing alternatives for
Industry – let WLSC design and build the correct laser system for your operations
Worldwide Laser founded in 1986 provides YAG, Fiber, Co2, and Mask TEA Laser systems. Worldiwde Laser specializes in parts are repairs for Lumonics CO2 laser systems.

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