Archery Street Ep1 Part 6


Uploaded on April 26, 2010 by jaidavin

We welcome you to watch hardhitting new comedy drama - Archery Street.
An hour of creamy goodness, directed straight into your google box. Introducing such memorable characters as - Desperado - Still dating and having issues with her handsome lover 'baby'. George and Beatrice - 30 years of married bliss is tested by the murder of hortie, will they get away with it? Weet Boy - Lamest super hero ever; superpowers - Lameness. Homo Clown - Trying to fufill his dream of becoming a Doctor and find a friend. Stephanie - Posh sociopath, enough said. Paul and Debbie - the so called normal ones. Adamtini and Evangelina - L.A.s new socialites are hitting the scene with a bang. Robert - socialities sleggy manager.
Starring the beautiful and talented Keri O'Donnell and Jai Davin.


5 stars, i wanna have this programs babies - The guardian
Makes other comedies look like crap; - The telegraph
An interesting concept that comes together like a well oiled machine, with 3 dimentional characters, the viewers learns to care and emphatise with everyone in the street. I have never witnessed such genius, i can only pray to God that they work for comedy and not evil. Just wonderful - Flower Shop Weekly.
;It was so bad it killed my cat, i will be sueing; - The Sun

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