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Published 28 Apr 2010
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he first place most people start to purchase real estate would be in various printed publications such as B...
he first place most people start to purchase real estate would be in various printed publications such as Belleville newspapers & Belleville real estate magazines.

The problem I have always had with newspaper ads is they are usually two weeks behind. Some Real Estate offices have this down to an art, they will put out a full page ad with color pictures, give a poetic description, no address, maybe 3 lines of text and the office phone number.

Touring Belleville, IL. Homes For Sale.

When you tour a house, you need to be able to decide whether or not you want to live there. To craft an offer for the house you need to be aware of repairs that may need to be made. As we tour I can help…

Points to Remember before Submitting an Offer on 
Belleville Real Estate.

An offer to purchase real estate in Belleville consists of much more than throwing a number on the table. There are several components of a successful real estate contract that will not only protect you during the pending status, but will help the transaction proceed smoothly all the way to closing date. 

Negotiate An Offer To Buy An Belleville Home For Sale

One dictionary says that negotiation is: 
"To discuss with a view to reaching an agreement"

Negotiation is the ability to change the opinions of others through
a climate of Favor; instead of Force...

It takes tact, not tyranny, honey, not vinegar... A cool head will get
you ahead... The person with the ego loses.

Some will lie to achieve their goal.
Some will steal to achieve their goal.
Some will terminate your friendship to achieve their goal.
Stay alert to anyone attempting to deceive you. 

Belleville Home Inspection

A few years ago, I was watching Barbara Walters on her television show 20 / 20. 
They were doing a show on Home Inspectors & Real Estate Agents located on the East coast.
I was all to familiar with what they were reporting & covering, I have seen the 
same situation going on here in the Belleville real estate market.Here's the story... 

Visit for the rest of my advice.

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