We Vibe 2 - The Couples Vibrator Sex Toy Review

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*******www.happyendingonline**** - The We Vibe 2 is definitely a different type of sex toy than Im used to...
*******www.happyendingonline**** - The We Vibe 2 is definitely a different type of sex toy than Im used to. Its been out for over a year and Ive chastised myself for not trying it sooner. First, a little about the We Vibe 2 - The Couples Vibrator. Hopefully you like the color purple because so far thats the only color this sex toy is available in. It has a contoured shape, is made from medical grade silicone, and fits in the palm of your hand. It has variable speeds, is wireless, and holds a charge for close to two hours. Its phthalate free, latex free, and flexible in all ways. I would say that this is one of the most convenient sex toys Ive ever played with. Some of the questions I ask myself before I invest money in a sex toy are: How many different ways can I use it? Where and when can I use it? Is it low maintenance? The We Vibe 2 - The Couples Vibrator can be used solo or with a partner. How cool is that? Since I get off more from clitoral stimulation this sex toy is great for me to use with my husband. The best part is he gets to enjoy the benefits of it as well! And the controls for it are easy to get to even when your partner is inside you. I can use this We Vibe 2 - The Couples Vibrator wherever I want because its small, discreet and quiet!! That means I can carry it in my purse easily or wear it whenever Id like (e.g. grocery store) because no one will know! Well, I did share that little secret with my husband. He couldnt help noticing how relaxed I was and when I replied that I was doing 'research' for an article he knew exactly what I meant and burst out laughing. Oh how I love low maintenance! With all the chores we stack on ourselves it was nice to find how little was required in return from this little purple joy. Plug it in to charge up especially when you first receive it be aware youll need at least 12 hours of charging. Because its made from medical grade silicone its hypoallergenic so anyone with issues of sensitivity can feel safe using it. The battery department and controls are protected by the silicone which makes cleaning it so easy. I just sprayed on some toy cleaner and wiped it down. So in the end my recommendations for this toy would be yes, yes and hell yes. What more can I say? LOTS of smiles, Shay.