TekTipz: Jailbreak Any IPhone

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Uploaded on May 07, 2010 by tektipzter

A tutorial by tektipz.com
Link to file: spiritjb.com
A simple tutorial for jailbreaking any iPhone/iPod touch to the latest, un-tethered 3.1.3 firmware

1. Optional: if you are already jailbroken, you must restore your iDevice to the default firmware- the easiest way to do this is simply use the “check for update” function in iTunes (under the iPhone tab), this will get you onto 3.1.3- alternatively you can restore from an .ipsw 3.1.3 file (google for this)
Download the program from spiritjb.com (choosing either windows or mac- depending on your OS)

2. Plug in your iPhone, close iTunes

3. Wait for Spirit to recognize your iPhone, then click Jailbreak
Done. The program will do its thing- just leave it for a few minutes (a loading bar should appear on your iPhone), then it’ll boot up normally

4. Congratulations, your iPhone is now fully jailbroken! Go to Cydia and start downloading some apps.

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