How to Create an Animated Gif In Photoshop


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In this tutorial, we create a basic animation in Photoshop CS4. This tutorial will take you through the basics; use your imagination to create a cool looking animation. Remember you can apply the animation not only to the text but to the object like displayed opposite .

First we create the layers of our animation like we would any Image, however we must allocate each stage of our animation its own separate layer.

When we convert the Image to an animation, we will be working with Animation frames, if you are familiar with Adobe Flash just think of these stages as key frames. If the animation is too fast, you can change the speed by clicking the small black arrow at the bottom-right of each frame, next to 0 sec. This will change the duration that the frame will show for.

Important: When you save, the file be sure to save as an animated GIF, we goto File - Save For Web & Devices, and make sure GIF is selected from the presets menu.

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