Ip Man 2 (2010): Fantastic End Fight Action


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http://wingchun.tv/ has excellent Wing Chun Kung Fu instruction books for both the beginner and advanced student. After Sifu Hung's death, Wallace holds a press conference stating that his death was an accident. Twister proclaims any challenge from the Chinese will be honored because of his good will. Forever honoring Chinese pride and remembering Sifu Hung, Ip Man arrives and accepts Twister’s challenge. Although physically much larger than Ip man, Twister is very tough and able to absorb many strikes from Ip man while using his boxing skills to land many damaging blows himself. Midway in the fight, the British disallow Ip’s use of kicks, which prompts him to remember techniques and lessons from his past. Armed with these memories, Ip man discovers Twister’s weaknesses and puts him away. A great action sequence from this film!

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