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This tutorial is continued with full written instructions at *******WordpressVideos.TV In this video, Im g...
This tutorial is continued with full written instructions at *******WordpressVideos.TV In this video, Im going to show you how to create sequential upgrades using the WishList Member WordPress Plugin. Now, before you go along with this video, make sure that you have created at least two or three different membership levels. In the example here, I have created three membership levels Silver, Gold, and Platinum. So basically, using the sequential upgrade feature, you can automatically move or upgrade members from one membership level to the other. So to do that, just click on the Sequential Upgrade link. So, in this example, for all Silver members, I can auto-upgrade them to go Platinum. So assuming that Silver is the lowest membership level or the cheapest membership level, followed by Gold and Platinum, so I may want to upgrade member from Silver to Gold automatically, and then I can choose the method. I can either Move them or Add. The difference is, if I choose to move members to the Gold membership from the Silver membership, when this happens, they will be members in the Gold membership, but no longer having access to the Silver membership, ever. So this really depends on how you set up your membership site. In most cases, the lowest membership level would allow access to only certain type of content, but not all the content, and then the higher-level membership, for example, Gold, will allow access to more content, etc., etc. But you can also choose to just add members. What this means is that when the sequential upgrade happens, that particular member will still be having the Silver membership, but now, he will also have access to the Gold membership. So again, it really depends on how you set up your membership site. And then you can choose the amount of days for this sequential upgrade feature to happen. Now, sequential upgrades are really, really useful for a couple of reasons. The first reason you may want to use sequential upgrades is to increase customer loyalty to your membership site. Now, for example, you may want to only sell the Silver membership level publicly on your website or on your blog; but once a member has been a Silver member for a certain amount of days, you may want to upgrade them to the Gold member, etc. While theyre still paying the same amount of money, now they will have extra features; extra content; and whatever else extra that you specified in the Gold membership. Okay, so Im gonna put it as 3 Days.