The URDB World Record Show #5: Best Golf World Records Ever! ...


Uploaded on May 18, 2010 by URDBWorldRecords

Universal Record Database Presents: The URDB World Record Show, hosted by Ella Morton. This week's show features the very best golf world records featured on Par-tee time!

This week's world record setters are:

Dylan Porter : Most Consecutive Bounces of a Golf Ball on a Golf Club

Dylan Porter: Most Consecutive "Behind The Back" Golf Ball Bounces Using A Golf Club

Doug McManaman: Most Golf Balls Balanced On Chin

Chris Ruen: Longest Time To Balance Golf Ball On Back Of Head

Jon Birdsong: Most Golf Balls Held Hand At Once

The World Record Challenge Winner was: Jonny Birdsong, who set the Most Golf Balls Held In Hand At Once. He wins a URDB Record Holder Certificate:

This week's World Record Challenge is 'Most Golf Puns Delivered To A Putt-Putt Club In 10 Seconds.' To enter, shoot yourself on video beating Ella's record. Then submit it to

If anyone beat's Ella's record before next week's show, they'll win a URDB Record Holder certificate.

URDB believes everyone can set a world record. All the world records in this show were created and achieved by people just like you! Set your own world record at

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This week's episode is dedicated to Payne Stewart.

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