Mind Your Own Business And Watch It Prosper


Uploaded on May 20, 2010 by Dionyos

Never mind when someone tells you what you can and can not do! What you think is none of their business! If you believe you can then you will! Believe in your dreams and goals because most people have already given up on theirs, therefore for them to discourage yours is easy for them. Just take a toll. Tell three of your closest family or friends that you want to start a flower shop and listen to their responses. 90% of their conversation will be negative. Not that they don't love you, it's just that you are sharing a dream to those that at one time or another have given up on their own dreams and that reality will reflect in their response to you. Don't rest in that sorrow. Stay focused on your dreams, remain dedicated and prayerful, work hard, be persistent and the dream that you are working towards will be your reality! Here's to you achieving all you aspire for and even more! Be blessed!

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