1 Skirt 101 Different Ways to Wear


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It is a Multi wear two Layer's Reversible Wrap Skirt / Sarong are most popular among the modern women and a perfect casual for all moods.
These amazing Wrap Skirts / Sarongs can be worn in more than 101 different ways. That means you can wear it as a skirt or wear it like a wrap dress or any way you like. It can also be worn as maternity skirts. Use your imagination to wear this wrap skirt in many different ways.
We provide a brochure for many ways to wear these beautiful multiwear beachwear Wrap Skirts. It is Double Layered i.e it has 2 layers. It is Reversible. These Wrap skirts / Beachwears can be worn both sides. It is Wrap Around Skirt - 1 wrap skirt fits all sizes. No 2 skirts are same. Each wrap skirt is uniqely made and can not be repeated. Thousands of designs, all uniquely hand made. That means you are the exclusive owner of this Beachwear sarong / wrap skirt and there is no other Beachwear sarong / wrap skirt available like this This skirt is ideal as beach wear / Beach Parties. You can also wear it as a Dress for Night Parties or Dinner Parties.
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