Palm Beach Gardens Fire Extinguisher "Fire Extinguisher" Call 561-863-9900 Fire Safety "Fire Safety" Extinguishers

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Fire Extinguisher Fire Safety Service Fire Protection in Palm Beach Gardens and South Florida: Call 561-863...
Fire Extinguisher Fire Safety Service Fire Protection in Palm Beach Gardens and South Florida: Call 561-863-9900 or visit http://Wpbfiresafety.Com/Free for coupon or http://Wpbfiresafety.Com/Palm-Beach-Gardens-Fire-Extinguisher-Fire-Safety-Fire-Protection-Service-Repair-Quotes-Estimates-Recharging-Yacht-Fire-Services-Service-Kidde-Badger-Ansul-Buckeye-Marine/ for Fire Safety tips. Preventive Fire and Safety Equipment, Inc. has been serving Palm Beach County for over 15 years. We install and service electrical, hood systems, marine systems, light safety equipment, exit lights, emergency lights, cylinders etc. http://Wpbfiresafety.Com/Palm-Beach-Gardens-Fire-Extinguisher-Fire-Safety-Fire-Protection-Service-Repair-Quotes-Estimates-Recharging-Yacht-Fire-Services-Service-Kidde-Badger-Ansul-Buckeye-Marine/ http://Wpbfiresafety.Com/Palm-Beach-Gardens-Fire-Extinguisher-Fire-Safety-Fire-Protection-Service-Repair-Quotes-Estimates-Recharging-Yacht-Fire-Services-Service-Kidde-Badger-Ansul-Buckeye-Marine/ Hi. My name is Les Trafelet. I’m the President of Preventive Fire located at the West Palm Beach area. I’ve been in the fire safety business for 20 years having serviced at least 15,000 customers in Palm Beach County and the South Florida area. One of the question I get asked quite frequently is: “How long do my fire extinguishers last? ” And the answer to that question is as long as they’re manufactured after 1985, that currently meets all the requirements that I can service them. And definitely, as long as I can get the parts, powder and materials in order to maintain the fire extinguisher and then we hydrotest it every 12 years. Recently, there’s been a couple of companies that have gone out of business and when those extinguishers become due for the recharging or hydrotesting, we can no longer service them. I hope you found this video informative. If you’d like to learn more, please go to the web address on the screen where I will tell you where to get my entire series of videos just like this one. I’ll also give you access to my E-Guide: FirePrevention 101