Quit Smoking Weed (Part 1)


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Quit Smoking Weed

Here are some reasons Why Quit Smoking Weed?
(Part 1)

Everybody knows How bad is Weed to your health. People do smoking the weed and every morning they wake up and coughing up phloem and spitting it out in the sink but they still ignoring those signs of the unhealthiness of smoking weed. Until one day when everything is getting worse and it is too late to going back.

So many benefits you can get when you quit smoking weed. One is the energy. When people do smoking weed, they will feel like no energy to do daily activity, even to get on your feet. Feel so lazy to talk to anyone in the office, think about todays task. Quit smoking weed can get back your energy.
Next thing is your appearance. You can easily see people who is smokers just by their face. Not only by their face, but also their voice tone. People treat smokers differently whether they mean or not. When you stop smoking, your skin color will change clearer and much more healthier.

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