Karren Brady on Office Wars, The Apprentice & Football


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Women come out on top in the office battle of the sexes

The battle of the sexes in the office has been exposed…and women have come out on top!

A study into 4,000 workers found women are the most organised, are more likely to meet their deadlines and turn up for work.

On the flip side, men seem to be struggling to keep on top of things, lose documents on their messy desks and forget to call people back.

The research by DYMO labelling products found that around 1 in 20 men have missed out on the promotion because their bosses felt they were so unorganised – a tenth of men say admit they have no structure to their work life whatsoever!

More than 40 percent of men say they miss at least one deadline a month, compared to less than a third of women.

When it comes to organisation, the Organisation Wars report shows whilst 62% of women keep themselves up-to-date with a diary or to-do list, 45% of blokes rely on their memory and ditch a comprehensive filing system for a chaos of a desk!

In this video Karren Brady - the new ‘The Apprentice’ star - talks about the research, her role as a woman in football and what it is like working with Lord Alan Sugar.

Karren Brady is spearheading DYMO’s® ‘Practically Genius’ campaign which is all about creating moments of genius in the office. DYMO® labelling machines can make these moments possible by helping you feel more organised and look professional. Karren is a big believer in the notion that behind every ‘genius’ there is a ‘practical’ advisor and credits her agent, Gordon Poole as one of the reasons behind her success. For more information on how DYMO® makes the ordinary extraordinary, please go to www.dymo.com/2010

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