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This is a product review for The product I ordered was Depo-Provera. Placing my order w...
This is a product review for The product I ordered was Depo-Provera. Placing my order was simple and easy. I just searched for the product using the in site search window and sourced the one I wanted. A bonus was that I was instantly notified that this item has a special sale that doubled my order for the price of one and I can take advantage of it simply by clicking. It was that easy. The staff were friendly and very helpful. I needed assistance in applying a previous credit and making my payment. The staff used the live chat feature and stayed with me through the entire process, making the adjustments in real time so that I can see exactly what I needed to do. I felt comfortable using the E-check feature because the staff was so helpful in explaining the security features and going to the payment process with me. As a result, there were no problems with the escrow and my order was sent out 4 days later. I was happy to receive my package in just a few short weeks. This was my first experience ordering Depo-Provera from PharmacyEscrow. I am used to using the prefilled syringes. So, I was a bit worried when I saw that it is the regular vials but included was the syringe that I needed in order to make the appropriate dose. The only downside was that when my order was doubled, I was only sent the syringe for the first dose but not the second but that’s a small matter when I consider the great discount I got on the entire order. I am happy with my order from PharmacyEscrow and I plan to use them again in the future.