Ordering HCG Pregnyl Online

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Hello, my name is Lindsay from Utah and I am just doing a testimonial, a video review of PharmacyEscrow****...
Hello, my name is Lindsay from Utah and I am just doing a testimonial, a video review of PharmacyEscrow**** because I was so impressed with their service. I had researched buying the HCG Pregnyl online a lot. I had a few friends that ordered from different places and stumbled upon this site and was impressed with all the different video reviews and just all the positive feedbacks that they had just received from customers, so, decided to go with them. Navigating the site was very very easy and when I decided on buying the HCG HUCOG High Purity brand, I found it very very easy because they have a downloadable e-book, a Dr.Simeon’s ‘Pounds and Inches’ which was totally free and I really really was impressed with that because it helped me to understand more about the process of doing the diet. Ordering was very very easy, I encountered a problem with the payment and was called within the hour of ordering it and it was resolved fairly quickly. The Customer service representatives were very very nice which is hard to come by these days and the friendliness; they were extremely friendly and extremely helpful without being overly pushy, so, I was impressed with that also. They said that it would take about 14 days which it did, exactly 14 days to receive the product. I also ordered the 43 days mixing kit and that came very very fast, within 3 days; it had come a local place. So, I was very very impressed with that. The prices are competitive, they are the cheapest that I found for the quality of the product that I found online and I’ve lost 45 pounds so far using this HCG, so, I do know that it is a high quality wonderful product. I had issues with trying to understand how to mix it and they gave perfectly clear instructions online, they actually have a video that helps you on their website to be able to do that yourself which I loved. They have recipes and just a bunch of different options for help on their website when you order the HCG. So, very very very impressed with that. I am about to order again and I’ve had some of their customer service representatives call me and just kind of remind me which was good because I was actually, you know, I’ve two kids, so was busy a little bit but yea, so, I am going to order again. Actually, a friend that‘s going to order it with these guys this time. So, definitely would recommend it to anybody and I really love the service. 5 out of 5 stars. So, thanks again!