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In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Keri®Lotion has partnered with celebrity stylist, Phillip Bloch, an...
In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Keri®Lotion has partnered with celebrity stylist, Phillip Bloch, and renowned cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Jeanine Downie to take a look back at how fashion and beauty trends have evolved over the past five decades. These experts offer advice on how women can achieve long-lasting beauty with a trusted brand like Keri Lotion, which has helped women look and feel beautiful for generations. The past five decades have revealed unique styles – ranging from go-go boots and mod mini skirts that exposed women’s legs in the 1960s1, to the over-the-top, but less skin-revealing fashions from the 1980s, which included dresses with oversized sleeves and voluminous skirts – a decade of excess fabric2. Regardless of the era, one trend has remained consistent – women always desire soft, smooth skin no matter what they’re wearing – and Keri Lotion has provided effective moisturization for more than 50 years. “While trends have evolved over the decades,” stated celebrity stylist, Phillip Bloch, “classic influences from the past play an inspirational role in current style.” He added, “I love mixing this season’s retro-inspired gold jewelry with a timeless ‘little black dress’ to achieve a contemporary, stylish look. Jewelry can transform even the simplest ensemble into something fabulous. A white t-shirt and jeans can instantly be out-to-dinner ready with the right gold accessories. And, I always remind my clients to keep their skin soft by using a moisturizer like Keri Lotion – an ‘accessory’ that ensures long-lasting beauty from morning until night.” For more style tips from Phillip Bloch, visit www.KeriLotion****. Keri Lotion is launching new retro-inspired packaging that pays tribute to its original design. Keri Lotion maintains the same great formula that has provided women with continuous moisturization for generations. “For 50 years, women have enjoyed Keri Lotion. It is a testament to its effectiveness and endurance in helping women look and feel their best all day,” said cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Jeanine Downie. “I recommend Keri Lotion to my patients because it provides Hydro-DeepTMtechnology that locks ingredients in for long-lasting moisture protection.”