Doing a Deal in India Part 1


Uploaded on May 31, 2010 by AmrittVentures

A tall Texan from Austin, Steve is determined to close a pressing business deal immediately upon his arrival in India with his newly MBA-Degreed wife Leslie. But his Indian hosts move to the beat of a different drum. When Steve trips both socially and strategically, he puts the deal in jeopardy. Will Steve recover? Can he overcome verbal and non-Verbal barriers and questionable comments to his lovely wife? Can Steve get an Indian to say "yes" and mean it?Cross cultural challenges can kill a deal in India. Steve and Leslie receive a rapid education.Watch and learn from this 15 minute movie by Hollywood director Paul Maslak. This is part 1 of 2.To order the movie on DVD along with the definitive book on business with India, visit http://Www.Amritt.Com/Book-Offer-With-Video.Html

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