World Record Nobel Laureates Pull Sword From Sword Swallower

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Uploaded on May 31, 2010 by Halfdan

At the 19th 1st Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony at Harvard University's Sanders Theater, a 22" sword was removed from Ig Nobel Laureate sword swallower Dan Meyer's throat by Nobel Prize Laureates Dr. Martin Chalfie and Dr. Wolfgang Ketterle. Minutes later, that record was broken as an even longer sword was removed by a whole gaggle of Nobel Laureate scientists and an eminant mathematician, with some using a whip to remove it! The feat was certified a URDB World Record!

Sword Swallower Dan Meyer, Winner 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine
Nobel Laureate Sword Removers:
Wolfgang Ketterle, Nobel Prize in Physics 2001
Martin Chalfie, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2008
William Lipscomb, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1976
Dudley Herschbach, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1986
Rich Roberts, Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine 1993
Frank Wilczek, Nobel Prize in Physics 2004
Roy Glauber, Nobel Prize in Physics 2005
Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize in Economics 2008
Benoit Mandelbrot, Developer of Fractal Geometry


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