THE FALL: Movie Trailer [HD]


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Tony Jakubiak is careening through life as a hip, black sheep under-achiever. The polar opposite of his square, over-achieving D.A. older brother Frank, who is on his way to becoming the youngest Governor in history. Then, one night, Tony is arrested for the brutal murder of a priest. A murder he didn't commit. Big brother Frank comes to his rescue, but Tony won't reveal his alibi for where he was at the time of the murder. As the trial gets closer, and life imprisonment becomes a possibility, Frank discovers where Tony was and with whom. Frank now has the alibi and evidence to set his brother free. But when this revealing and tawdry evidence threatens to end Frank's career and dredge up a very incriminating incident in their past, will Frank speak out? Or let Tony take the fall?

Who is good? Who is evil? Who rises? Who takes the fall?

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