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Hi, my name is Gwen and I live in Los Angeles and I am going to review my most recent with PharmacyEscrow**...
Hi, my name is Gwen and I live in Los Angeles and I am going to review my most recent with PharmacyEscrow****. First, I want to say I give this order a rating of 5 stars. This is probably the fifth time that I have ordered through PharmacyEscrow**** and I placed two drug orders this time that I was ordering. One was for Fluconazole or Diflucan as it is known in the US, 20 tablets of 100 MG each and I believe that came from the Indian pharmacy and then, the second thing I have ordered was 2000 International Units, well, 3 bottles of 2000 International Units each of UNI HCG and I believe that came from Singapore pharmacy. Now, overall, like I said I give it a 5. The delivery was super speedy this time. I paid for normal delivery but it came within a week. I think I placed my order on April 26th and everything, since they were coming from two pharmacies; they came a day apart but around May 7th. So, a week and a day later, pretty much. It was awesome. This was the first, the one negative thing that I would say about this order. It’s the first time I had to do the medical review from the pharmacist or from the doctor and I had to pay $4.99 USD for that and I‘ve never had to do that before with any of my orders which, you know, is not that bad. It’s only $5 USD which is nothing compared to actually going to see a doctor here in the US with or without insurance. So, it’s not that big deal but it was kind of surprise and I will be upset if, you know, I go to order in the future and I have to pay that yet again for another medical review even if I am ordering the same drugs but that’s okay. I still give it 5. The HCG that I’ve ordered from the Singapore pharmacy, the UNI-ZY 2000 IU, each came in a little bottle like this. I’m very pleased with having ordered this the way I did. I think this is the third or fourth different brand of HCG that I’ve ordered and they are all very comparable. They are all low priced, they are all very potent, they are all work for weight loss which is what I use it for but I’m really pleased with this because coming in 3 bottles, you only mix one at a time. So, it keeps its potency. You know if I would have mixed that same amount, one big batch in the beginning, it would completely lose its potency by the end of my round. So, very pleased with getting 3 little bottles. Now, the Diflucan, the Fluconazole, this is the first time that I have ordered and/or taken this drug and it is anti fungal that I am using to treat Candida overgrowth in my system and it’s been wonderful. It’s definitely a potent very intense drug. You have to make sure you’re taking care of your liver at the same time because basically, what’s it’s gonna do is kill all of the Candida, all of the fungus that you have growing in your body and that’s gonna become toxic waste, that’s you know, circulating throughout your blood streams and you gonna have to release those toxins somehow and if you are not really good about you know, making sure that you’re releasing all those toxins properly, your liver and your kidneys could get very backed up. This drug definitely knocks you on your ass, I mean, it’s very powerful but that’s a good thing because you know its working. Like I said, I ordered 20 tablets and it comes in little blister packs like this. Each little tablet is individually blistered, individually wrapped. It’s sort of a pink tablet; they would be chewable but the instructions which are in English are printed on the back and it says to dissolve it and boiled and cooled water and it actually tastes good. It’s not a disgusting drug. Like I said, it works very well. They would be easy to cut in half if you only wanted 50 MG at a time. Overall, very very pleased with this drug and I will order it again. So, yea, very pleased once again, 5 star rating and looking forward to my next order with PharmacyEscrow. Thanks