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Why Vacuum Packaging? Vacuum Packaging removes air from around your product and seal hermetically it inside a tough barrier bag. Vacuum Packaging increases storege & shelf life by inhibiting the growth of micro organisms and improves hygiene as food products will not come in contact with the oxygen. It also helps to preserve the flavour and protects against dehydration and weight loss. Moist food will not dry out because there is no air absorb the moisture. In short Vacuum Packaging : Increases storage & shelf life Reduces waste Preserves aroma & freshness Imporves presentation Vacuum Packaging is also very useful for non-food items also. Like, Reduces contamination risks for medical products. It helps to cut the storage & transportation costs for textile products & cushions. Offers dry & dust free atmosphere for sensitive electronic goods.
Protects some industrial products against moisture & oxidation e.g. welding electrodes Utilisation Areas Food Industry Lipovak Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine consist of vacuum, gas injection and sealing sections.
Machine allows economic and high conditions via chain system of packaging folio.Lipovak Machine are made of stainless steel and adonized aliminium parts, that answers to all needs of small and medium-sized production levels. Lipovak Machine applies vacuum org as injection to supply optimal shelf life. Lipovak Vacuum Packaging Machine has Electro mechanical operation control panel.

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