Casino Secret History Roulette Blackjack Slots 6/10


Uploaded on June 07, 2010 by bernardfrank

Part 6 of 10 This professionally produced unique documentary provides a glimpse into an untold chapter of casino history and its games: roulette blackjack slots poker. Before Las Vegas became the gambling attraction that it is; casinos proliferated all across North America; many owned or operated by people who would become Vegas pioneers. This is the story of those people and those casinos; documented by 91 archival film clips (including vintage Hollywood celebrities) some never before seen. 14 interviews with those who knew the "founders" of Las Vegas; including Shirley Brancucci; Jackie Gaughan; George Goodwill; Ivan Jaeger; Howard Keogh; Rod Morris; Bernie Resnik and Jimmy Spades.

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