How To Get Fit With Partying/ Benefits of Partying

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6 ACTIVITEIS THAT CAN BENEFIT YOUR HEALTH DURING AFTER HOURS When heading out, go with a good group of fri...
6 ACTIVITEIS THAT CAN BENEFIT YOUR HEALTH DURING AFTER HOURS When heading out, go with a good group of friends that are positive, being around people that you care about and enjoy can help reduce stress and lower risk of heart disease Find your inner comedian. Laughter can reduce stress, increase blood flow, and lower risk of heart disease, also laughing for 10-15 minutes can burn up to 50 calories, so go ahead and laugh your butt off Goof off, embrace your inner child and play games those activities can elevate your heart rate and induces your mind, which can reduce the risk of any heart diseases and dementia, which affect the process of thought Flirt; studies show that flirting can help with your white blood cell count, which help fight off infections Kissing; studies show that kissing can burn up to 5 calories per minute Dance; studies show that dancing can reduce dementia, osteoporosis, and is great form of aerobics. Here are different variation dances that can burn lots of calories and provide a great cardiovascular workout: Reggae dances- provide high energy, and great upper body and lower body workouts (e.g. butterfly, willey bounce, dutty wine) Hip Hop dances – mostly works cardiovascular, allot of lower body muscles and core (e.g. superman, flex) Latin dances- can provide great cardio, and works out the core muscles( e.g. salsa) HIGH CALORIRE DRINKS TO BE AWARE OF DURING HAPPY HOURS Discounts on alcoholic beverages and meals during Happy Hour may cause you unknowingly go overboard with drinks and food. So be aware, low prices on food and drinks do not mean you should eat and drink excessively, it’s important to still consume with moderation. The Federal Dietary Association recommends a 2000 daily calorie intake and if you are trying to lose weight a 1500 daily calorie intake. So allowing yourself to consume more drinks and food due to the discounted prices can have some serious negative effects on your health and weight loss plan. Basing your daily calorie intake on 2000 calories here are some drinks and food that are usually consumed during Happy Hour and/or After Hours. If you are trying to lose weight you would base your calorie intake on 1500 daily calorie intake. 1 can of beer- 146 cals 1 cocktail daiquiri-112 cals Martini prepared from a recipe-69 cals Pina colada cocktail-245 cals So those are some drinks that can affect your diet if consume excessively, now here are few drinks that can benefit your health: white wine- 70 cals red wine- 74 cals (can reduce risk of heart disease by 40%) Now here some foods that is usually available during happy hours: Cheese burgers- 319-400 cals French fries- 291-cals BBQ chicken wings (6 piece)- 330 cals Nacho with cheese & beef-569 cals Cold cut sandwiches- 456 cals Which Means: If you consumed at least 3 beers with a Cheese Burger and French fries you have just consumed 1129 calories which is about 56% of your daily calorie intake, keeping in mind your have already consumed additional calories during breakfast, lunch and possibly dinner. If your previous meals are anything like your meal at happy hour containing at least an average of 800 calories for your previous three meals then you have just consumed and average of 3529 calories for the day. If your calorie intake is based on 1500, or even 2000 then it should not be any surprise why you are not losing weight and/or possibly gaining weight. One pound is equal to 3500 calories.