Dragonfable Gold Hack Using Cheat Engine 5.4

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Uploaded on June 14, 2010 by Calliesupplice3938

Download file: http://filedownloadworld.com/AbdallaAbdi987558/Cheat_Engine

7) Take the amount of gold YOU got and multiply it by 8. Why 8? I don't know. I get times 8 =

8) Take your answer and type into this box.... and click first. I typed in ....

9) Go back to your game and defeat one more monster...

10) Click you player status and look at amount of gold you have in the parenthesis. I have (12)

11) Take that number, multiply it by 8, and type it into the same box. I typed in 96. This time click Next scan.

12) In the left colum, there should only be one address now. Double click on it and it appears in the bottom box.

13) Double click the value of the address in the bottom colum. A box pops up, type in exactly 2000000 and click OK.

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