HOA Websites & Hurricane Preparedness

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Is your Homeowners Association prepared for Hurricanes and other storms? Homeowners Association Websites...
Is your Homeowners Association prepared for Hurricanes and other storms? Homeowners Association Websites, Community Websites, and Condo Websites can be real lifesavers in times of inclement weather. As Hurricane season approaches in communities all over the world, having an action plan as to how to use your Association Website to protect your residents and their property can literally mean the difference between safety and disaster. We have all heard about or experienced the effects of a hurricane, which can be a traumatic disaster for any Community Association. The damage can be devastating for those Homeowners Associations who have not established a communication or crisis plan. While you can’t prevent a hurricane from causing damage to your community and your residents’ property, you can put in place action plans to ensure that everyone is prepared. A Community or HOA website can be a vital communication tool in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster. From providing up-to-the-minute status updates and photos of your Condo or Homeowners Association’s properties, to offering a list of local vendors for damage repairs, your Community website can be your residents’ ultimate resource. This video highlights some important tips, examples, and techniques that will help you in determining how to use your HOA website to deal with these destructive and unpredictable storms. We have also created a resource guide to give you the information to be prepared for a natural disaster or hurricane and how you can use your most versatile communication tool, your Condo or Community website, to help your residents and clients weather the storm. The Resource guide can be downloaded free from www.AtHomeNet**** . Some of the features of an HOA website discussed here that can assist you in case of an emergency in your community include an HOA Website Announcements page, Photo Albums, Email Bulletins, Resident Address Book and more. This film was produced by AtHomeNet, the nation’s leading provider of HOA websites, Community Association Websites, Condo Websites, POA Websites, Association Management Websites, and Neighborhood Websites. For more than 11 years, AtHomeNet has pioneered the industry of providing powerful online communication tools for Homeowner Associations and communities all over the world. With their websites being logged into by more than 1.6 million homes and counting worldwide, this informative video is designed as a free resource to Communities and Homeowner Associations, and a part of our commitment to the industry we serve, and the countless residents and families worldwide that depend on Association Websites for information and peace of mind