Demon Lord Dante Ep. 5(3)

By: GONG Native


Uploaded on June 17, 2010 by GONG Native

Ryo Utsugi has been disturbed by nightmares. The gigantic and demoniac creature jumps at him. He can not look at its horrifying face. The blood is dripping from its teeth. Ryo runs for life desperately. Brother! Brother! His sister, Saori, wakes him up. His parents, Kousuke and Tamiko are watching him with worrying faces. All Ryo can do is just shivering under the blanket. Next morning, Saori screams when she sees a terrible murder in the newspaper. The victims heart was hollowed. Kousuke looks annoyed, not frightened. Ryo finds a new motorbike at the entrance when he gets up late. It is Kousukes present. Excited, Ryo dashes out to the street. He is driving up to the mountain on the long winding road when he has an accident. A car coming on the opposite side veers toward him suddenly and pushes Ryo over the cliff into the ravine. He suffers only slight injury and is taken care of at his fathers hospital. Kousuke is a famous doctor and the director of big hospital.

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